massage oils
Watercolor_bullet_darkredDeep Tissue Massage
    is the most intense with pressure focused on muscle tension. This is sometimes uncomfortable for a few moments.

Watercolor_bullet_darkredHot Stone Massage
    is a calming smooth warm stone stroking lightly over the whole body’s surface with stone placements to bring body awareness
Watercolor_bullet_darkredSports Massage
    involves deep compressive strokes and stretching to promote faster healing
Watercolor_bullet_darkredAromatherapy Massage
Watercolor_bullet_darkredPre/Postnatal Massage
    combines the right technique mixture for body positioning to maximize comfort
Watercolor_bullet_darkredTandem Massage
Watercolor_bullet_darkredThai Bamboo Massage
Watercolor_bullet_darkredMyofascial Release
is a very effective hands-on technique that provides sustained pressure into myofascial restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.
Watercolor_bullet_darkredCombinations of the above
Watercolor_bullet_darkredSpray Tanning Services

Watercolor_bullet_darkredMat & Reformer Pilates